This compilation of recitations by Tony Jay were first available for sale in 1996 under Cornucopia Productions. Not only did he recite the lyrics in spoken-word form but Tony Jay also played the electric instruments and composed the entire arrangement, even wrote the very notes you will read at the links provided below. Today, the CD, also later retitled "Speaking of Broadway," is out of print and is quite hard to find from collectors. In spite of his many talents and wide history of voice acting and acting in general, many still are unaware of Mr. Jay's voice talents, though his tragic passing was felt by many fans of his work.

This area of the site is created for those who are fans of his more tender, personal works, perhaps the works that are the best examples of his personality. In some recitations below you will find his sense of humor, his gentlemanly nature, his kindness, his love and love of performing for those who would listen. But in all of them you will find a delightful aspect of the man many remember and adore: Tony Jay.

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Track 1 - September Song ---- (Weill/Anderson) from "Knickerbocker Holiday" (1938)

Track 2 - By Strauss ---- (G.& I. Gershwin) from "The Show is On" (1936)

Track 3 - Dancing in the Dark ---- (Schwartz/Dietz) from "The Band Wagon" (1931)

Track 4 - When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love ---- (Lane/Harburg) from "Finian's Rainbow" (1946)

Track 5 - It Never Was You ---- (Weill/Anderson) from "Knickerbocker Holiday" (1938)

Track 6 - My Ship ---- (Weill/Gershwin) from "Lady in the Dark" (1941)

Track 7 - Where or When ---- (Rodgers/Hart) from "Babes in Arms" (1937)

Track 8 - How Are Things in Glocca Morra? ---- (Lane/Harburg) from "Finian's Rainbow"(1946)

Track 9 - World Weary ---- (Coward) from "This Year of Grace" (1928)

Track 10 - Fun to be Fooled ---- (Arlen/Gershwin/Harburg) from "Life Begins at 8:40" (1934)

Track 11 - Lost in the Stars ---- (Weill/Anderson) from "Lost in the Stars" (1949)

Track 12 - Make Someone Happy ---- (Styne/Comden/Green) from "Do Re Mi" (1960)

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